Beauty trend – The prettiest tattoo ideas

Over the past few years tattoos have become a beauty trend, with an increasing amount of people getting a tattoo somewhere on their body, and a lot of them having a large amount of their skin covered in ink.

This was not the case a few years ago, where tattoos had a negative connotation. Certain places of employment still do not allow their employees to have tattoos, and if they do they must be covered at all times.

With this stereotype slowly shifting, tattoos are now more culturally accepted and even celebrated with celebrities and beauty icons having tattoos too.

If you are looking for some inspiration or just genuinely interested in various tattoo designs, this article has compiled a list of really pretty and common tattoo designs.


Bird tattoos are a very common tattoo choice due to how adaptable they are. They can be placed easily on any part of the body, be big or small.

They are also chosen commonly because of what they symbolise spreading your wings and overcoming problems in life.


A lot of people choose to get a moon related tattoo on their body. Again, this a versatile icon, it can be placed almost anywhere on the body in varying sizes.

They can be as simple or detailed as you want, from a simple crescent moon outline to a really detailed design.



A small heart tattoo is the epitome of simplicity. They are usually quite a simple design, unless they have a larger meaning and have more elements added to them.

A heart is the universal symbol for love, although they may have an individual and more specific meaning to someone.


Another very common type of tattoo design is roses. This particular flower is chosen often because they are associated with love, romance and beauty.

They also symbolise “balance” with each individual type of rose having a different symbol.


These types of tattoos have gained a lot of popularity over the past couple years. Mandala translates to “circle”, which why these tattoos are round in design with unique intricacies.

A mandala design also represents wholeness.

Chinese Letters

A lot of people choose to get a certain word or phrase in Chinese lettering as their tattoo. This is a more personal tattoo, because of the individual chosen message.

This could be an inspirational quote or phrase, or someone specials initials. It is entirely up to the individual.

Hopefully this article helped give you some insight into common really nice tattoos that are available to get or inspired you on a particular design for yourself. There are lots of resources to get more tattoo inspiration online such as websites like Pinterest or Instagram.

Before considering getting a tattoo it is best to do some online research and find a reputable studio.

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