Gorgeous beauty gifts for the beauty addict

It’s such a good feeling when you know you’ve bought just the right gift for someone since of course you want to treat them to something that they’re going to love! With Christmas beginning to loom on the horizon, it’s time to get your thinking cap on for what you want to be buying.

Since we’re also beauty addicts, we of course love buying for our fellow fans (and maybe even dropping a few hints as to what we want at the same time!) and try to get them things that we know will suit their beauty style. To help get the ball rolling, here are some of our favourite beauty gift ideas that we know they’re going to love.

Beauty Advent Calendar

Ok ok, so this one might be jumping the gun a little but there’s no harm in giving a pre-Christmas gift instead. Especially if it’s going to be difficult to actually meet up closer to the big day, this can be a wonderful way to ensure that you gift stands out. Plus they’re going to be able to use all of the gorgeous products in the calendar over the festive season too – win-win! These types of calendars have become really popular in the last year of two so handily there is a big choice to choose from. If they’re really into their nails you can always get them one from a nail brand like Essie, or if they just generally love beauty, get them one like in the image above which features polishes, lip glosses, eye shadows and cheek tints.

Make Up Gift Set

Beauty brands really understand the fact that we love to give beauty gifts at Christmas so around this time of the year you’ll start to see some fantastic offers on gorgeously packaged gift sets. From brushes to eye shadows, face powders, nail polishes, lippies and more there is such a huge range that it’s easy finding the one that you want. Unsurprisingly having discussed at length our love of fairy tale themed beauty products before, we are totally in love with this Beauty & the Beast lip gloss trio which would of course make an adorable beauty gift.

Beauty Accessories

It doesn’t have to always to be about the make up products themselves, and especially if the gal you’re shopping for has a penchant for high end designer brands that come with a high end price tag, this can be the perfect way to treat them without breaking your budget. Think brushes, bags, even mirrors; they’re the type of things that often need replaced so they’re going to love the fact that you’re the one that’s given them! With cute slogans, motifs and even initials, you’ll be able to pick something that is just right for them.

The Gift Card

Before you think that this is the get-out-of-jail free card in terms of gift-giving, think again. With a gift card to their favourite beauty store they’ll be able to treat themselves to their preferred beauty products at your expense – what beauty addict wouldn’t love that?! And if you really think that’s too predictable, then what about a gift card to a local salon? Nails, hair, and beauty treatments – they can indulge in these and all thanks to you!

Buying for fellow beauty addicts is straight forward as long as we can resist the temptation to indulge ourselves at the same time! Finding inspiration is simple too; for instance we found these beauty deals from Groupon really helpful when it came to gorgeous gift ideas that they’ll love (and us too). We also really recommend online shopping since not only is it easier to avoid treating ourselves when we’re meant to be gift buying, but it is of course much more relaxing than hitting the shops! Browse, click, shop and pay from your sofa – love it!

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