Winter beauty essentials

We all hate Jack Frost and with the bitterly cold winter days drawing in, lets get our beauty essentials in order to tackle the winter blues and say no to chapped lips and flaky skin this winter.

Your skin, hair and nails will all suffer from the elements but you can prevent lasting damage by making a few changes to your regular beauty routine. We’re talking doubling up the moisture, extra special care for nails and nourishment for hair blown and damaged by the harsh winds.

  1. There’s nothing worse than having sore, chapped and flaky lips. The daily walk to work makes it worse each day, trudging along into 50mph Arctic winds. Its easy to pick up a coloured and perfumed lip balm from your local chemist but these are actually doing more damage than good.  Tinted balms could be drying out your lips even more as they are oil based. Instead, invest in a unscented lip balm that comes in a tube or pot. Usually, these formulas are thicker than stick balms and can act like a protective barrier that blocks out the harsh weather.


2. The winds are whistling around you but your all cosy in your layers of jumpers, jeans, boots, hats and scarves. Well, everything is cosy except the poor skin on your face. Even in winter your skin can be damaged by the suns harmful UV rays, so it is vital to regularly use a moisturiser with an SPF. If your skin is red and sore from the brutal winter weather opt for a cream that will offer ultra hydration. However, even rich creams may be irritating if they are perfumed – try a raw coconut oil on dry patches around your eyes and nose overnight.


3. Give parched and thirsty locks a little extra TLC – invest in a good leave-in conditioner or hair masque to hydrate and nourish your precious tresses. The colder months can strip all the goodness out of hair therefore it is imperative to maintain a weekly conditioning routine – try coconut oil, Aussie 3-minute miracle conditioner or a overnight treatment.

4. If you’re a serial perfumer sprayer like me just remember the cooler air doesn’t work well with light citrus or floral scents. Your perfume won’t be as recognisable unfortunately as it would it in the summer months so consider stronger scents such as warm citruses, musky oranges or spices.

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