Winter manis fit for a snow queen

If you’ve managed to nurse your nails through those treacherous autumn months that so often lead to brittleness and peeling (speaking from seriously bitter personal experience of course), then it’s time to treat them to some gorgeous manis! With so many cool products out there, make the most of your nails this wintertime.

And don’t worry about having to squeeze in a nail salon sesh or wonder about how you’re meant to be budgeting for Chrissie pressies; these cool wintry manis are all ones you can try yourself at home without the need for fancy products! So it’s time to create your own salon worthy nails from the comfort of your own home.

The Icy Ombre

We are big fans of the ombre effect which has been featuring heavily in the beauty world for a year or two now and one of the easiest way to incorporate it into your look is with your nails. And although it looks sleek and professional, it is actually really easy to recreate at home. For this look you will need: a base coat, 1 white nail polish, 1 light blue nail polish, a glitter top coat, Vaseline, and a piece of clean make-up sponge. Start off by applying the base coat; when dry, paint a coat of white nail polish on each nail. Then rub some Vaseline round each cuticle and nail taking care to not actually get any on the nail. Next, paint two adjacent stripes of white and blue on the make-up sponge and dab onto the nail; you can reapply until you have the pigmentation you like. Repeat for each nail and when dry apply your glitter top coat. Clean the Vaseline away and you’ll find the extra polish will disappear too – seasonal and fun to do, this is one of our favourite winter looks!

The Candy Cane Stripe

Red and white are such festive colours so why not give a nod to one of our favourite sweet treats of the season with these candy stripe nails? All you need is your base coat, white polish, red polish, some Scotch tape cut into small strips and of course a top coat. You’re going to start exactly like you did for the icy ombre nails up until you’ve got your white nails. Once they are COMPLETELY dry (this is important) place the strips of tape diagonally across your nails in one direction and at a regular intervals; press down firmly before painting over your nails with the red polish. Before the polish has time to completely dry, remove the strips of tape and voila, you’ve got fantastically festive candy stripe nails! Finish this fun mani with a top coat.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, over Christmas you can really afford to get a little bit more ostentatious with your beauty choices. So that’s why we’ve decided to go all out with a bit of jewelling. Nail jewels are really cheap (just raid your local pound shop), and unless you’ve got acrylics you won’t even need nail glue, just top coat. We love the look of a jewel or two per nail and then an all over bedazzling on a signature nail on each hand. Fun, totally over the top and really easy to do with a pair of tweezers, this mani is all about the glitz and glam.

As you can see, you don’t need a whole arsenal of manicure products (although we do love buying them anyway!) to create stunning home manicures that’ll definitely turn heads this winter.

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