Choosing The Right Face Wipe

Caring for your skin is probably the most important part of your beauty regime, because no matter what product you like to use, it’s what’s underneath that counts. Everyone knows you’re supposed to wash, cleanse and tone every night when you take your makeup off, but in reality, when you’re tired or you’ve been out this routine can slip, this is the case where it’s acceptable to take a shortcut in the form of a wet wipe. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the brands available and the pros and cons of each type.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

These wipes are designed for sensitive skin and contain softer than silk fibres, gentle cleansers, purified water and vitamin B5 and vitamin E. They lift away grease, dirt and makeup, including waterproof mascara leaving no residue. They don’t dry out in the packet, so your last wipe will be as moist as the first. I use these personally, as I find them great. They are cheap, soft and refreshing and have no harsh chemicals in them and they get off even the most stubborn makeup.

Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes

These wipes use silk fibres to keep extra soft and are soaked in Micellar water to help remove grime, dirt and makeup. Thicker than most wipes, they feel very soft and are very effective at removing full coverage makeup. I’ve never had a problem with them removing stubborn mascara, but a couple of my friends said they’ve had some minor problems with that. They say they get better results using pads and a bottle of Micellar water, but apart from that everyone I’ve spoken to about these raves about them.

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Cotton Extract

These fragrance-free wipes use cotton extract, rice extract and Aloe Vera and are as planet friendly as they come being biodegradable and made from sustainable materials. I found the wipes to be refreshing to use and very gentle, with no exfoliating effect. They clean very effectively but not in the same way a cleanser would and don’t dry my skin in any way.

As with any cosmetics, it’s really up to you to find what works for you. What’s great for one person might not necessarily be great for another. So hopefully you have some idea of what to look for, but by all means, buy and try until you find the perfect combination.

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