Dealing with Under Eye Circles

Under eye circles can be quite embarrassing and a nightmare to treat or get rid of. They age you and make you look tired. Not everyone is genetically prone to them.  There are a few ways to combat under eye circles, staying well rested and eating and drinking well are two great ways that anyone can do.

Hydration is key to good, healthy skin so if you want to stay looking good here are some quick and easy steps you can take.

  1. Get a good night sleep every night : Most important step in eliminating those unwanted under eye circles is getting adequate sleep. Lack of sleep leads to dull, haggard skin, which means your blood vessels become more visible. Elevate while sleeping. No elevation encourages fluid collection and vein dilation in the undereye region.
  2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol : Harsh truth is that dark circles may reveal more about your lifestyle than you’d like. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are the main causes. Smoking causes blood vessel problems that can not only threaten your life, but also make your blood vessels appear more prominent and bluer.
  3. Protect skin from SUN : Sunbathers need to be careful because melanin ~ the substance responsible for skin pigmentation, can darken the delicate area under the eyes. Use under-eye cream with spf. You can also protect your eyes by wearing shades, hat or a scarf.
  4. Eat healthy and drink lots of water : Relying on tea and coffee is a habit you need to give up. Reduce your intake instead drink lots of water. If you aren’t getting enough water your body will show a number of tell-tale signs. One of which is dark circles.

You can also replace black tea by green tea. Vitamin deficiencies play havoc with our skin and dark circles can be caused by lack of vitamin K or B12. Eat a good range of fruits and vegetables.

I’ll also be writing about how to get rid of dark circles at home after doing more research on this topic so keep checking back. In the meantime, by following these 4 simple rules you should be able to make pretty quick improvements.

A healthy skin regime is essential to looking good and though it can be quite difficult trying to get into a routine, taking the time and effort to get started will make it a lot easier later on.

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